Carella Jewellers - Services Provided
Services Provided
Custom Made to Order Jewellery (Handmade)
Carolyn can draw sketches of various designs for you to choose from during an
No Obligation Appointment            (20 minutes)
Preferred Appointment Days
Times on Friday: 4pm and 5pm.
Times on Saturday: 10am, 11am & 12 noon.
Appointments can be made outside of these hours upon request where possible.

Business Hours
9am - 4pm Weekdays
10am - 1pm Saturday
Closed Sunday and Public Holidays

Carolyn will listen & work with you to create your desired piece. Keeping you updated with progress photos of your piece during construction. All Handmade pieces will come with 5 or more photos of the piece being made.
To see short videos of pieces Carolyn has handmade click Youtube link below

If you are not in the Rockhampton /Gracemere area and are still wishing to have something Custom Made it is possible to accomodate this. We have made pieces for clients from Yeppoon, Gladstone, Emerald, Moura, Springsure, Brisbane. By communicating via email/phonecalls and photos.

New Gold / Silver is used in all Custom Makes.
Your Scrap Gold/ Silver can be credited towards New Gold for your Custom Make. Alternatively your scrap gold can be remelted and made into something new provided it is all the same carat and colour, and the customer understands it does not carry the same manufacturers warranty as Jewellery made from new gold - see below in "Repairs" Section.

Rhodium Plating - 
$50 per piece - Ring, Pendant & Earrings (pair).
Call for pricing on other larger pieces (Bangles, Bracelets, Chain)
Clean & Polish (includes light emery) -
Bangles, Bracelets Polished in a Tumbler or Magnetic Finisher $10 each
Rings Hand Polished $20 each

Fitted Wedders - Hand Carved Wax Pieces
For those engagement rings that require a Custom Made fitted wedding ring. Some are Handmade & some are made from wax - heated & imprinted for the perfect fit ( this method does not suit all rings)
View the "Gallery of Previous Work" to see different types of fitted wedding rings
Custom Engraving
Either will be done on the premises or if more complex will be completed by one of two talented engravers we use, Brisbane or Adelaide(for complex family crests).

Gift Vouchers Available -
Searching for the perfect gift for a loved one? Why not let them choose the Jewellery they would like with a Gift Certificate? It can be used towards Custom Makes as well as Stock & can also be used for Rhodium Plating.
As well as "Design & Consultation Gift Certificates" to have a Piece of Jewellery Custom Made. Suitable for Anniversary's and Birthdays, when you would like to get your loved one something special but are unsure of what they would like. Available without a price on them.  
Click  here to view "Design and Consultation Gift Certificate".

Custom Made Memorial Keepsake Jewellery
Carolyn has designed various Memorial / Keepsake Jewellery.
Featured are "Always in our Heart" with 3 Initials in a Heart shape, this piece was designed with my Aunt and Uncle in mind after they lost their Daughter. ( initials of the 3) This can be altered to 2 Initials and can be made in Silver, Gold or Two tone. It is a sentimental piece where unless you were told it was 3 Initials on and angle you wouldn't know what it was.

The second design Carolyn came up with was for her two cousins (of the same family above) named "Hidden Initials"from the front it looks like random lines but from the wearers perspective you can see 2 Letters

This is the View from the wearers perspective. Pendants are reversible with patterned backing. Available in Gold, Silver & Two Tone. You can also get a second heart behind the " Hidden Initials" and have hand engraved a word of your choice.

Repairs - We only repair Jewellery purchased from us.
If Jewellery purchased from us is faulty it will be replaced/repaired. This is not applicable if a customer has requested we use old/scrap gold - remelted - because we can not guarantee there is no foreign particles in the melt that will affect the jewellery later on ( it is not uncommon for remelted jewellery to crack years later - for no obvious reason) Because of this we prefer to use new metal on our makes.
We do not buy second hand jewellery or stones.

Conflict Free Diamonds -
Carella Jewellers only uses diamonds from a distributor with 100% Ethically Sourced Diamonds guaranteed to be from non conflict & conflict free regions. They may be slightly more expensive but we find the majority of customers prefer them.

Jewellery or Loose Stone Valuations
This will be done in Brisbane by Registered Valuer. For more information about Valuations click here.
Standard Jewellery Pieces - 1 item $75, 2 items (posted together) $140
Complex Pieces - Send picture for pricing
Separate Cost  not included in the prices - Insured Express Postage - Return Delivery Total $28.60
Valuers Qualifications
FGA, Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (GAGB)
Registered Valuer no. Q193 FGAA, Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA)
Statement of Attainment in Gem and Jewellery Valuation (NCJV)
Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Jewellery & Silversmithing (Griffith University)
Diploma of Diamond Technology (GAA)
Certificates in Diamond Grading and Advanced Diamond Grading (GAA)
Workshop in synthetic, imitation, treated and fancy colour diamonds (HRD) Antwerp
Workshops on Identifying and Pricing treated corundum, emeralds and cultured pearls; Coloured Stone Grading and Pricing using the ‘World of Colour’ system (Gemworld International)

Wedding Rings Design Book - From a Supplier or Handmade
Platnium, 9ct & 18ct, Titanium, Multi & Two tone, Patterned, Engraved, Russian, Diamond Set, Matching Ladies & Gents Rings, Call to see a book of designs
Bangles, Bracelets & Charm Books - From a Supplier
Call to see a book of designs, Multi & Two tone, Patterned, Engraved Bangles & Bracelets. Extensive book of Charms available to view.
CAD Jewellery (Computer Aided Drawing)-
If there is a design you would like but it is not viable to handmake it - we have an associate who is able to draw CAD Jewellery pieces.